The Magic Kingdom II - Ferryboat


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Below: John, Cindy, and Diane smile for the camera, while at the turnstile gate for the TTC Ferryboat Dock.
Above: The Magic Kingdom II ferryboat, or the Richard F. Irvine, as she is called today. Docked in front of the entrance to the Magic Kingdom theme park. Photo taken by Greg Chin during November of 1982. The ferryboats really see a lot of activity during the opening and closing hours of the theme park, especially during holidays.

Length: 120'- 0" long

Beam: 34'-10" wide

Draft:   5'-6" deep at keel

Displacement: 190 tons

Top Speed:  7.0 knots


(2) Catepillar Model 3406 marine engines - 6-cylinder diesel engines. One on each end of the hull.

Props: (2) props and (2) rudders

Built at: The Tampa Bay Drydock Co., and the WDW Central Shops, and Drydock.

Designed by: Walt Disney Imagineering in 1972.

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Left:  On board the Magic Kingdom II. This photo was taken during May 1999. The newer pilothouse design, can be seen here with its forward sloping front windows. The first 2 ferryboats were built with their pilothouse doors, located on the back side of the pilothouses.

The guests enjoy being upstairs and forward, to feel the wind in their faces, and see the panoramic view of the lake, and the especially the Magic Kingdom, as they get closer. A marvelous place to watch the "Fantasy In the Sky" fireworks at night, during the summers and holidays.


The "Magic Kingdom II" - Ferryboat:

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