Magic Kingdom aerial view, as seen in 1984. The Castaways Motor Cruiser and one of the large ferryboats are also docked in front of the Magic Kingdom's entrance area, dropping off the guests. Notice the twin-spired Monolith buildings, of the original Tomorrowland are still here, in this great aerial photo from 1984. The older Tram loading area (shown here) was removed in 1988, to make way for a larger Disney Buses Terminal.

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    Magic Kingdom Front Entrance, as seen in 1995. This photo shows the Main Street USA Train Station in the middle, plus the famous Walt Disney World Monorail System, and the Mermaid I Motor Cruiser.  Cinderella's Castle can be seen at the center of the theme park.   

    The pontoon boat on the lower left is used by the Watercraft Dept. to relieve the Boat Pilots with others who just had their break or lunch. It's always a nice way to get to work, on the lakes, by using a powered boat.

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The Magic Kingdom I - Ferryboat


Magic Kingdom class


Above: The Magic Kingdom I ferryboat, or the Admiral Joe Fowler, as she is called today. Seen here from the Magic Kingdom II, also crossing the Seven Seas Lagoon. Photo taken by Greg Chin in May of 1999. The newly redesigned, and larger pilothouses, makes it easier for the pilot to observe the bow end of the ferryboat, while it is docking, unloading, or loading more guests aboard.

Length: 120'- 0" long

Beam: 34'-10" wide

Draft:   5'-6" deep at keel

Displacement: 190 tons

Top Speed:  7.0 knots


(2) Catepillar Model 3406 marine engines - 6-cylinder diesel engines. One on each end of the hull.

Props: (2) props and (2) rudders

Built at: The Tampa Bay Drydock Co., and the WDW Central Shops, and Drydock.

Designed by: Walt Disney Imagineering.





















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The Magic Kingdom - Front Entrance - Monorail Station, Bus Depots, and Boat Docks:

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