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Above: The cruisers have a dual throttle and twin screw design, which makes it easy to turn the boat quickly. The steering wheel is stainless steel. The spotlight handle hangs from the ceiling, just out of view. Used for night signaling.
The "Castaways" Motor Cruiser


Castaways class


Length: 66'-1" long

Beam: 12'-0" wide

Draft: 3'-6" deep at keel

Displacement: 23 tons


(2) 4-cylinder Perkins marine diesel engines. Originally Disney used Detroit Diesel engines, in the first 2 Cruisers and the 6 Launches, until 1982.






Props: (2) props and (2) rudders

Built at: The WDW Central Shops

Designed by: Ben Ostlund









Above: The "Castaways" Motor Cruiser, leaving the Ft. Wilderness Boat Dock, next to the Ft. Wilderness Marina. The pilot is backing up and making a Y-shaped turn.










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Right: Sue, Perry, and Monica pose for a rare Watercraft family photo moment.
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Middle right         Watercraft pilot Hal Griffin is seen in the pilothouse, steering. This is also on the Castaways, and the pilothouse layout is pretty much standard. Photo taken by: Greg Chin, who was also deckhanding on this trip. During Fall 1982.