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Epcot WS Lagoon 1995 aerial        




















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Above:  During the middle of the day, there are usually two watertaxis, operating within the World Showcase Lagoon, itself, providing guests with boat transportation. One boat route connects guests from Germany across to Mexico, and the other route can connect guests from Morocco to the World Showcase Plaza.  The International Gateway Dock and Entrance Gates are located on the middle right side of this aerial photo.  It's between the United Kingdom and France Showcases. Of course, when it's busier, during the peak times, more watertaxis are put online.

Right:  One of the Friendship Watertaxis, loading guests at the Germany Showcase dock. There are (4 ) T-shaped Watertaxi Docks along the shores of the World Showcase Lagoon. In the past, there were a few of the Doubledecker Omnibuses that circled around the World Showcase Lagoon, and provide transportation to various points along the Promenade areas. But this service has been discontinued due to the heavy volume of guests walking along the World Showcase Promenade.

Each of the (8) Watertaxi has 2 Perkins 4 cyl 236ci diesel engines... One for the drive engine and the other for the generator. The propeller thrust can be directed around laterally in a 360 degrees direction, to go forwards or in reverse. There's a round knob on the ship's tiller, to grab and turn the tiller effortlessly, so the EPCOT Watertaxis can be pivoted around, almost on a dime. The guests are always fascinated by this "sleigh of hand" maneuvering of the ship's tiller, the throttle, and the boat. After that, the most embarassing thing you can do is smack the boat, against the dock, too hard.

        Aerial view of the EPCOT World Showcase Lagoon

  A family taking the slow boat   to EPCOT. Good time to breast   feed the baby, along the way.

Bruce V_and_AllieSanDi
Bruce V_and_KrissyChicA
Here's watertaxi pilot Captain Bruce, creating three "magic moments" with some female passenger guests, here at Walt Disney World. There's Allie, Krissy, and Catherine.
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