Below: The Ports-O-Call - now retired in 1984, at Disney World's Drydock area. This special commemorative "Ports-O-Call Group Photo" was taken of the event. It was the final gathering event for the Watercraft crewmembers who worked aboard the Ports-O-Call, during her active service life, as a Walt Disney World passenger steamship.

After this 1984 photo was taken, the Ports-O-Call was officially strictened from the list, raised up out of the water, and broken up on the Drydock area hill, during
the following month.

This photo was taken by Gary Fitzpatrick and Greg Chin, in the Summer of 1984. - Click to see large version.

The "Ports-O-Call" - steamship  





(Note: Retired from service in 1984)
Osceola class
   Above: The Osceola-class steamship, "Ports-O-Call" or "Ports" heading into the Seven     Seas Lagoon, from the Waterbridge Channel. The ship was doing the "World Cruise     to Discovery Island Cruise" from the front of the Magic Kingdom theme park.













Length: 100'- 5/8" long

Beam: 30'-0" wide

Draft: 5'-6" deep at keel

Displacement: 160 tons (Best estimate)

Engine: Steam boiler operating a genuine "Gallows A-Frame Walking Beam Engine". Modeled after the type found on the steamer "Francis Skiddy"of the gold rush era, circa 1900's.

Built: Hull sections built at the Tampa Bay Drydock Co. But then assembled at WDW's Drydock and Central Shops, during 1970.














These photos: The Ports-O-Call docked at its berth in Disney World's Drydock area. This photo was taken by Greg Chin, in the Spring of 1983.









The "Ports-O-Call" -  an authentic steamship -

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